For us the privacy and security of our customers or the visitors to our webpage is of prime importance. Therefore, we have a privacy policy which is fool proof and is at par with highest standards of security measures that one can adhere to. As a customer or as a visitor to our website you can be rest assured that your information is safe with us.

Data Privacy

If you do share your personal details with us like your name, email address etc. by filling up any kind of enquiry form then you can be rest assured that this information is not used or shared with any other third party for any kind of promotional activities.

The details of your information or the cookies of our website, which is used to record user’s IP address etc. are used only to provide you a seamless experience once you login to our website the next time. Therefore, we can serve you with content that would serve your needs or wants based on your previous browsing behavior on our website.

Promotional Activities

We do not involve in any kind of promotion of other third party activities or events on our website. So there is no question of your information being made available to other vendors or serving them with any kind of content that would not be of any particular use to you.

Amendments in the Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of the Redpro Group is liable to change without any prior notification. However, in the event of implementing any changes in the same, the detailed progressions will be updated on this page. Hence, at every time in point, you’ll be kept well informed regarding the data we collect from you, how we collect it, and to what extend will it be used.

In case of any changes that are critical in nature, you’ll be notified of the same on our landing page. In the unfortunate event that you do not agree with our privacy policy we would understand that you do not wish to visit the site any further.